Thursday, September 22, 2011

APPLE. The Forbidden Fruit?

On June 29th, 2007 when the original IPhone hit the market, I was shocked to find out that such an anticipated phone was not 3G capable nor had GPS. Despite all Of these features being available to us at that time, Apple did not make them available on this initial device. It became apparent of the reasoning behind this strategy when Apple came out with the exact phone one year later. Now it was called the IPhone 3G and of course everyone had to have it! Were people so enamored by this intoxicating Apple that they did not realize that Apple could have made the original IPhone both 3G and GPS Capable? 

In 2007, the Nokia N95 had WiFi, GPS, video calling, as well as a 5 MP camera and an accelerometer. Nokia ruled the app world in 2007 not Apple. I had my Nokia control my TV, PS3, Cable Box, Bose system as well as a Bluetooth mouse for the computer. How's that for apps back in 2007? The technology was there and Nokia gave it to their consumers. Instead, Apple holds back the technology, stringing them along in order to buy the next device with a new feature they will allow the customer to have.
Apple has been Known to put 160G on an IPod. Then why come out with a phone that has only 8G with no GPS or 3G and a 2MP camera when there are far superior features on other devices?

Apple repeated itself  on June 24, 2010 with the latest to its collection, the Iphone4. Something missing? Yes, maybe the little G at the end of it. But I bet I can tell you the new name of the next Iphone. It will not be IPhone 5 but IPhone 4G. Just a hunch but I won't be surprised if I am correct. Apple is a business, I get it. But I would have felt cheated as a consumer if I ever purchased anything from Apple with this type of manipulation. Apple has become the forbidden fruit because even though they put out a new device practically every month that it already had the capability of doing on the last device, their customers still purchase these incessant "updated products"!

 We see the same story starting over with this IPad. Apple now already has 2 tablets on the market with the first one having no camera. Let it be known that almost every notebook or laptop comes with a Web Cam standard. Why did they leave out such an important detail? Is it to make you want to buy the Ipad2 even though you should have had it to begin with? The IPad2 has been upgraded to a .7MP camera with a VGA video camera (this is the same camera found on FREE phones). Now I am convinced and I'm glad I did not drink the Kool-Aid. At this rate, the Apple IPad 4 will have the same features as the Blackberry Playbook 1.

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