Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Playbook's 5 Dis-Advantages Turned Advantages

"DIS-ADVANTAGE"  #1  The Power Switch is Hard to Turn ON and OFF

A Power button is not suppose to easily shut off. Any cell phone, computer or PS3 takes a little effort to Shut Down. Its suppose to be that way. Do you want your Playbook to accidentally Shut Down while walking with it in your pocket or purse seeing as it is portable enough to be able to do that. Or what if when driving your child is entertaining himself and accidentally hits the power switch? The idea is that, with the power button, you don't want it to be a slight touch that powers down the device.

"DIS-ADVANTAGE " #2  The Screen Size to Small

 The Playbook is Something bigger than our Blackberry phones BUT smaller then a netbook. 7" is more than enough to watch a movie. It gives you PRIVACY, makes it 100x EASIER 2 CARRY and  obviously LIGHTER. Another ADVANTAGE would be the Playbook turned Parallel gives you an AMAZING TYPING EXPERIENCE as if you were on your Blackberry itself. (As Shown Below)
"DIS-ADVANTAGE" #3   No Blackberry Messenger (BBM)
 The Playbook gives you an application called Blackberry Bridge which allows the Playbook to connect securely via Bluetooth to your Blackberry Phone. In this Application, Bridge gives you several options found on your phone, including Calender,Contacts, BBM, E-Mail and the Phone Browser. So why would anyone want 2 PINS where people would have to guess which device that person is using? It makes it more confusing having 2 PINS. Personally, I like having 1 PIN and then have it forwarded to my Playbook via Blackberry Bridge (As Shown to the Left).

"DIS-ADVANTAGE" #4    No Native Email

Again, why would you need email on the playbook when Blackberry Bridge gives you just that plus more? There seems to be no limits that I have found with Bridge. For example, you can take a Picture from the Playbook and send it via email or BBM. Also, you can email from a link right from the Playbook browser. It connects everything via Bridge and I never leave my phone home hence whenever I'm on the go with the Playbook I'm connected to Bridge

"DIS-ADVANTAGE" #5     Not Enough Applications Available 

As I Mentioned before, I do agree that the Playbook has a lack of Apps. But the Playbook wins, in terms of hardware, by miles. Apps are downloadable. Hardware is Not. Apps are added daily to the App World and there are currently 40,000 apps available. But keep in mind the average person uses only 4-5 Apps daily whether its a Blackberry Android or Apple. 

What is making its way over to the Playbook is the ability to download apps right from the Android Market via the Android Player. The Android Market Currently has over 200,000 apps. Playbook is Built on QNX software which is the same software found on the space stations, Nuclar power plants and in 90% of the cars on the road today. QNX and Android share the same common Posix standard which will make it possible for the Playbook to Run Android Apps