Monday, October 31, 2011

OS 7 Tips,Tricks and Shortcuts

Custom Dictionary
Customize your personal words by going to "Options" select "Typing and Language" and then select "Custom Dictionary".

Customize Profiles
Blackberry allows you to customize different profiles. . For example, you can create a "Movie Profile" to silence your phone in the movie theater or a "Game Profile" to make your phone the loudest while at the game.

Blackberry Protect
Blackberry Protect gives you the option to make the phone ring even if the phone is set to silent. You can also locate, lock or even wipe your phone if lost or stolen. Charging port broken? Use BlackBerry Protect to back-up your phone and restore it to the new device.

BBM Backup
While in BBM, hit the Berry "Menu" key, select "Options", scroll down to "Backup Management", select "Backup" and choose to backup to the memory card or a registered e-mail address.


Change your BlackBerry ID
Go to "Options", select "Device" and then click on "BlackBerry ID"

Faster BlackBerry
Option 1-- Go to "Options", click on"Security", select "Advanced Security Settings", click " Memory Cleaning" and hit "Clean"
Option 2-- From the home screen hold the "ALT" key, type LGLG when the log appears hit the "Berry" key and select "Clear Log"

Highlight multiple message
Hold The "CAPS" key and scroll over your messages to highlight, choose to delete them by pressing the "Berry" key and select "Delete"

E-Mail Issues
Try resending the "Service Books",  Select "Messages", Hit the "Berry" Key and select "Email Account Management". Hit the "Berry" key again, select "Service Books" and then select "Send Service Books".

Jump to the Top or Bottom Of your Messages
Type "B" for Bottom and "T" for Top

 To keep a message unread
Message and hold the "Atl" key and press "U"

Locate your BlackBerry PIN
Simply type "my PIN" as one word in any message field then hit "Space" and your PIN will appear

Locate Your BlackBerry Model and Operating System
Simply type "my ver" as one word in any message field hit "Space" and your model and OS will appear

Locate Your IMEI 
In "Universal Search" type *#06#

Change Signal Bars to Numbers
In "Universal Search" Hold the "Alt" key and type NMLL (and a second time to return it to bars)

Soft Reset 
Hold the "Alt" Key and then hit the right "CAPS" key and the "Del" key all at the same time

Manage Home Screen Panels
Control whether or not panels are used on the BlackBerry OS7 home screen.   

1. On the home screen, press the "Berry" key and select Manage Panels.
2. Select or clear the checkbox for each panel.
3. Press the "Berry" key and select Save.

Add Music, Pictures and Videos to the Home Screen
1. Go to a website or highlight an item icon
2. Press the "Berry" key and select "Add to Home Screen".

Insert a period
Press the space key twice. The next letter is capitalized.

Insert an (@) sign or a period (.) in an email address field
Press the Space key.
Capitalize a letter
Press and hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears.

Turn on and Off  CAP lock
To turn on press the "Alt" key and the right "Shift" key.
To turn off, press the left or right "Shift Key".

Type a symbol
Press the "SYM" key on the keyboard. Type the letter that appears below the symbol.

To Type the alternate character on a key
Press the "Alt" key and the character key.

Type an accented or special character
Press and hold the letter key and on the trackpad, slide your finger left or right. For example, to type ü, press and hold U and slide your finger left until ü appears. Release the letter key when the accented or special character appears.

Type a number in a text field
Press and hold the Alt key and press the number key.

Turn on/off  NUM lock
Press the Alt key and the left Shift key.
To turn Off NUM lock, press the left Shift key or right Shift key.

Highlight a line of text
Press the left "Caps" key or right "Caps" key and on the trackpad, slide your finger up or down.

Highlight text character by character
Press the left "Caps" key or right "Caps" key and on the trackpad, slide your finger left or right.

Copy highlighted text
Press and hold  the "Caps" key and scroll to highlight then click the trackpad and select "Copy"

Paste Text
After you "Copy" click the trackpad and Select "Paste"

Check storage space
On the home screen or in a folder, click the "Options" icon. Click "Device" then "Storage"

Close any apps you're not using
In an app, press the "Berry" key and select "Close" or press the "Escape" key until the home screen appears.

Set a Password
On the home screen or in a folder, click the "Options" icon. Click "Security" then "Password".

Encrypt contacts and files
On the home screen or in a folder, click the "Options" icon. Click "Security" then "Encryption".

Back up your BlackBerry data to a media card
On the Home screen, click the "Setup" icon. In the setup section, click "Device Switch" then  "Save Data".

Set up a speed dial for a contact
From the home screen press and hold the key that you would like to assign a speed dial to.

Insert a plus sign (+) when typing a phone number
Press O.

Mute a Call
Tap mute on the screen or hit the button between the volume buttons

Speaker Phone On/Off
Press the speakerphone symbol ($) on the keyboard.

Add an extension to a phone number
Press the "Alt" key and X. Type the extension number.              

Delete browsing history and clear the cache
On the home screen, click the "Browser" icon. Press the "Menu" key click "Options". Go to the clear browsing data section.

Combine Text and E-Mails together.
On the home screen, click the "Messages" icon hit the "Berry" key and select "Inbox Management" and check "Text messages"

Hide Sent Messages
On the home screen, click the "Messages" icon hit the "Berry" key and select "options" then select "Message Display and Actions" and check "Hide Sent Messages"

How long are messages Kept
On the home screen, click the "Messages" icon,, hit the "Berry" key, select "Options", select "Message Display and Actions". Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose your preference "15 days-forever"

Play the next audio file
Press and hold the "Volume Up" key on the right side of your BlackBerry.

Play the previous audio file
Press and hold the "Volume Down" key on the right side of your BlackBerry.

Turn on the audio boost feature
If you're using a headset, Press the "Volume Up" key until the audio boost feature turns on.

Shortcuts On Pictures
Zoom in Press I
Zoom out Press O
Pan up Press 2
Pan down Press 8
Pan right Press 6
Pan left Press 4
Rotate Press L


Displays your Device Info
Performs a Soft Reset (like taking out the battery)
Displays the Java™ event log. (Clear Log)
Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value.(and a second time to return to bars)
Display cause of PDP reject
In address book list Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies
In Address book list, Force a data structure rebuild
In Web Browser Any HTML/WML webpage View web page source code

Thursday, September 22, 2011

APPLE. The Forbidden Fruit?

On June 29th, 2007 when the original IPhone hit the market, I was shocked to find out that such an anticipated phone was not 3G capable nor had GPS. Despite all Of these features being available to us at that time, Apple did not make them available on this initial device. It became apparent of the reasoning behind this strategy when Apple came out with the exact phone one year later. Now it was called the IPhone 3G and of course everyone had to have it! Were people so enamored by this intoxicating Apple that they did not realize that Apple could have made the original IPhone both 3G and GPS Capable? 

In 2007, the Nokia N95 had WiFi, GPS, video calling, as well as a 5 MP camera and an accelerometer. Nokia ruled the app world in 2007 not Apple. I had my Nokia control my TV, PS3, Cable Box, Bose system as well as a Bluetooth mouse for the computer. How's that for apps back in 2007? The technology was there and Nokia gave it to their consumers. Instead, Apple holds back the technology, stringing them along in order to buy the next device with a new feature they will allow the customer to have.
Apple has been Known to put 160G on an IPod. Then why come out with a phone that has only 8G with no GPS or 3G and a 2MP camera when there are far superior features on other devices?

Apple repeated itself  on June 24, 2010 with the latest to its collection, the Iphone4. Something missing? Yes, maybe the little G at the end of it. But I bet I can tell you the new name of the next Iphone. It will not be IPhone 5 but IPhone 4G. Just a hunch but I won't be surprised if I am correct. Apple is a business, I get it. But I would have felt cheated as a consumer if I ever purchased anything from Apple with this type of manipulation. Apple has become the forbidden fruit because even though they put out a new device practically every month that it already had the capability of doing on the last device, their customers still purchase these incessant "updated products"!

 We see the same story starting over with this IPad. Apple now already has 2 tablets on the market with the first one having no camera. Let it be known that almost every notebook or laptop comes with a Web Cam standard. Why did they leave out such an important detail? Is it to make you want to buy the Ipad2 even though you should have had it to begin with? The IPad2 has been upgraded to a .7MP camera with a VGA video camera (this is the same camera found on FREE phones). Now I am convinced and I'm glad I did not drink the Kool-Aid. At this rate, the Apple IPad 4 will have the same features as the Blackberry Playbook 1.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Playbook's 5 Dis-Advantages Turned Advantages

"DIS-ADVANTAGE"  #1  The Power Switch is Hard to Turn ON and OFF

A Power button is not suppose to easily shut off. Any cell phone, computer or PS3 takes a little effort to Shut Down. Its suppose to be that way. Do you want your Playbook to accidentally Shut Down while walking with it in your pocket or purse seeing as it is portable enough to be able to do that. Or what if when driving your child is entertaining himself and accidentally hits the power switch? The idea is that, with the power button, you don't want it to be a slight touch that powers down the device.

"DIS-ADVANTAGE " #2  The Screen Size to Small

 The Playbook is Something bigger than our Blackberry phones BUT smaller then a netbook. 7" is more than enough to watch a movie. It gives you PRIVACY, makes it 100x EASIER 2 CARRY and  obviously LIGHTER. Another ADVANTAGE would be the Playbook turned Parallel gives you an AMAZING TYPING EXPERIENCE as if you were on your Blackberry itself. (As Shown Below)
"DIS-ADVANTAGE" #3   No Blackberry Messenger (BBM)
 The Playbook gives you an application called Blackberry Bridge which allows the Playbook to connect securely via Bluetooth to your Blackberry Phone. In this Application, Bridge gives you several options found on your phone, including Calender,Contacts, BBM, E-Mail and the Phone Browser. So why would anyone want 2 PINS where people would have to guess which device that person is using? It makes it more confusing having 2 PINS. Personally, I like having 1 PIN and then have it forwarded to my Playbook via Blackberry Bridge (As Shown to the Left).

"DIS-ADVANTAGE" #4    No Native Email

Again, why would you need email on the playbook when Blackberry Bridge gives you just that plus more? There seems to be no limits that I have found with Bridge. For example, you can take a Picture from the Playbook and send it via email or BBM. Also, you can email from a link right from the Playbook browser. It connects everything via Bridge and I never leave my phone home hence whenever I'm on the go with the Playbook I'm connected to Bridge

"DIS-ADVANTAGE" #5     Not Enough Applications Available 

As I Mentioned before, I do agree that the Playbook has a lack of Apps. But the Playbook wins, in terms of hardware, by miles. Apps are downloadable. Hardware is Not. Apps are added daily to the App World and there are currently 40,000 apps available. But keep in mind the average person uses only 4-5 Apps daily whether its a Blackberry Android or Apple. 

What is making its way over to the Playbook is the ability to download apps right from the Android Market via the Android Player. The Android Market Currently has over 200,000 apps. Playbook is Built on QNX software which is the same software found on the space stations, Nuclar power plants and in 90% of the cars on the road today. QNX and Android share the same common Posix standard which will make it possible for the Playbook to Run Android Apps

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Blackberry Playbook Surpasses It’s Competition: 5 Reasons this Tablet Comes Out On Top

Blackberry users pay for quality features, security and most of all reliability. Blackberry’s new tablet, the Playbook, takes into account everything a Blackberry consumer seeks in a device.

Size: The Playbook is a truly perfect fit in the palm of your hand. As consumers, we wanted a device bigger than our phones but SMALLER than our laptops or notebooks. It was the Tablet that was meant to fulfill that demand. Choose a laptop if you are debating purchasing a 10+ inch screen tablet. When I saw the HD demo video on the Playbook, I didn’t feel that it needed to be bigger and I could see myself watching a movie on a plane or wherever and being content with the size. Also, the Playbook is the lightest of all the tablets and so trekking it around is much more convenient.
Sound: All devices have Loud Speaker and most have Stereo Speakers. All except for the most in demand, the Ipad2! Why? Sound is crucial for the tablet and that is a feature that you cannot skip over.
Memory and Internal Memory: All devices come in 3 models 16, 32 or 64GB except for the HP TouchPad which do not carry a 64GB version. On the Playbook, we see a 1GB Ram and 1Ghz Dual-Core Processor, which again is supeior to the Ipad”2”, with its 512 Ram and 900Mhz Dual-Core Processor.
Android player for the Playbook: Soon you will have the ability to run Android apps on your Playbook in  order to address the consumer concern for lack of apps. What more could you want?
Camera and Video: The best for last! This time around the Playbook is sporting a 5MP Primary Camera as well as a 3MP secondary camera Both of them are far ahead of the competition with the next best being the galaxy tab with a 3.15 primary and a 2MP secondary. The Apple again trails behind with an astounding .7MP not 7MP but .7. Yes, I also thought I read it wrong! Beyond that, the secondary camera is a mere VGA camera. This is the same camera found on  FREE phones at your local retailer.
A better camera is NOT downloadable! As cameras are a big part of our lives and there are over 100 million photos being shared on Facebook, this is a need within this market. Camera quality cannot be sacrificed when someone invests in a Tablet.
The Video records at 1080p compared to most tablets with 720p. Again, the playbook takes the win with Video
The Blackberry takes this race! After comparing all the tablets currently on the market, my pick would be the Playbook which gives you the most for your money in comparison to its competitors.